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Tempered Glass Enamel Lead Free 24000 Series

Product introduction:

1. Application: This series is mainly used for decorating auto glass, appliance glass, furniture glass and architectural glass as well as roll printing. This series of products is featured of smooth surface, excellent acid and alkali resistance, and strong hiding power.

2.Produc No.:


3. Capability introduction:

Tempering temperature: 650~680

Powder lot: Varnish = 10.25

If paste is adhered on the screen when printed, we suggest adding a small amount of thinner into the paste to adjust the viscosity and ensure a sustained printing.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) : (85~95)x10-7/K50-300

Mesh: suggest 200~250M

Acid resistance: The surface is eroded but can still clearly reflect images after dipping in 3.5% hydrochloric acid solution for 10-15min at room temperature.

Alkali resistance: No sharp trace on the surface after dipping in 10% caustic soda solution for 10-15min.

4. Supply Mode: water-based/ oil-based glass enamel

5. Packing: 25kg drum