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Anti-Shock Glass Enamel Lead Free

Product introduction:

1.  Application: This series is is mainly used for decorating auto glass, appliance glass, furniture glass and architectural glass as well as roll printing.

a. Main feature: 1040g steel ball falls freely from 1000mm, and fall on not oil side of tempered glass, the glass isn’t broken.

b. Other feature: Surface smoothness, good acid and alkali resistance, good hiding.

2.  Capability introduction:

Tempering temperature: 680~720

Powder lot: Varnish = 10.3~0.35
If paste is adhered on the screen when printed, we suggest adding a small amount of thinner into the paste to adjust the viscosity and ensure a sustained printing.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)  (85~95)x10-7/K50-300℃)

Acid resistance: The surface is eroded but can still clearly reflect images after dipping in 3.5% hydrochloric acid solution for 10-15min at room temperature.
Alkali resistance: No sharp trace on the surface after dipping in 10% caustic soda solution for 10-15min.

3.  Supply Mode: water-based/ oil-based glass enamel

4.   Packing: 25kg/drum

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